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Photojournalism and the archive: from analogue to digital - Volume 25 -

Issue 1 - 2022

This special issue of TMG Journal for Media History examines what happens to pictures of the news and the way(s) we can see them when they are moved from the analogue to the digital realm. What do researchers of photojournalism gain and lose when the photographs we study are made accessible in a digital form? What kind of questions can we ask in and of the digital photojournalistic archive? Can computational techniques provide new kinds of access to and identify visual patterns in digitised photojournalistic collections? How does this change our understanding of the history of photojournalism?


Cover image: Photographers and photo service employees of publishing house De Spaarnestad in Haarlem, The Netherlands, posing with their cameras (Speed Graphics with flash lamps), c. 1950.

Credit: Nationaal Archief/Collectie Spaarnestad/Photographer unknown.


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