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Typografie in mediahistorisch perspectief - Volume 19 -

Issue 2 - 2016

Typography in Media Historical Perspective

Gutenberg’s invention of movable type has played a vital role in modern history. The introduction of new (digital) media technologies seems to signal a second typographical revolution, which will change our conceptions and practices of reading, writing and publication of texts radically. Therefore new forms of ‘information’, reflection, and research are needed.

As part of their graduation project at the Dpt. of Graphic Design of ArtEZ institute of the Arts, Arnhem Ekaterina Zaitseva and Kemal Eroğlu developed an experimental online prototype for this special issue of TMG: They also designed the typographic layout of this issue.

The editorial board would explicitly like to thank Ewan Lentjes for his invaluable contribution to this special issue as guest editor.



Editor/redacteur: Jack Post
Guest Editor/gastredacteur: Ewan Lentjes
Editor-in-Chief/eindredacteur: Thunnis van Oort
Design/ontwerp: Ekaterina Zaitseva and Kemal Eroğlu
Coding (online version/versie): Bernd de Ridder


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