De filmtijdschriften zijn in te zien in de bibliotheek van EYE en van de Universiteit Utrecht, de andere tijdschriften in de Bibliotheek Geesteswetenschappen van de Universiteit van Amsterdam.

De bibliotheek van EYE/Nederlands Filmmuseum in Amsterdam is na afspraak toegankelijk op dinsdag en donderdag. (Zie → collectie → bibliotheek)

Filmtijdschriften over geschiedenis


(2012, hiver) nr. 68

THEMA: Albert Capellani. De Vincennes à Fort Lee (red. Jean A. Gili en Eric le Roy)

24 Images

(2013) nr. 161

DOSSIER: Où sont les utopies du cinéma?

Cinema Journal

Vol. 52 (2013) nr. 2

• Tony Shaw, ‘“Rotten to the Core”: Exposing America’s Energy-Media Complex in THE CHINA SYNDROME’ (p. 93-113)

• In Focus: Scholarly Publishing (ed. Mary C. Francis) (p. 114-137)

Vol. 52 (2013) nr. 3

• Raymond Williams, ‘Film and the Cultural Tradition’ (p. 19-24)

• Dan Chyutin, ‘“A Remarkable Adventure”: MARTIN LUTHER and the 1950s Religious Marketplace’ (p. 25-48)

• In Focus: Media Industries Studies (ed. Paul McDonald) (p. 145-189)


nr. 280 (2012)

• Pascal Lefèvre,‘Fragmenten van militaire filmpropaganda. QUAX, DER BRUCHPILOT, HIMMELHUNDE EN BATTLESHIP’ (p. 86-92)


Vol. 23 (2013) nr. 2-3

THEMA: Fictions télévisuelles: approches esthétiques (red. Germain Lacasse & Yves Picard)

Early Popular Visual Culture

Vol. 10 (2012) nr. 4

• Anne Bachmann, ‘Atlantic Crossings: Exhibiting Scandinavian American relations in scale models and moving pictures during the mid-10s’ (p. 345-366)

• Richard Brown, ‘A new look at old history – the kinetoscope and market development in Britain in 1895’ (p. 407-439)

Vol. 11 (2013) nr. 1

SPECIAL ISSUE: Eadweard Muybridge

Vol. 11 (2013) nr. 2

SPECIAL ISSUE: Cinema’s Second Birth.

Dox. European Documentary Film Magazine

(Spring 2013) nr. 97

• Slavoj Zizek, ‘“A moral vacuum” (THE ACT OF KILLING)’ (p. 27-29)

Film History

Vol. 24 (2012) nr. 4

THEMA: The First Film Fiction (red. Stephen Bottomore)


Vol. 17 (2012/2013) nr. 50

THEMA: Quo Vadis Filmgeschichte?

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Vol. 33 (2013) nr. 1

• Noel Brown, ‘“A New Movie-Going Public”: 1930s Hollywood and the emergence of the “Family”’ (p. 1-23)

• Melissa Ooten, ‘Censorship in Black and White: THE BURNING CROSS (1947), BAND OF ANGELS (1957) and the politics of film censorship in the American South after World War II’ (p. 77-98)

Journal of African Cinemas

Vol. 4 (2012) nr. 2

SPECIAL ISSUE: African Women Film Directors


Vol. 20 (2013) nr. 39

• Marina Levitina, ‘Stars of early American cinema as Models of New Femininity and Masculinity in Soviet Russia in the 1920s’ (p. 23-30)

Montage AV

Vol. 21 (2012) nr. 1

THEMA: Neues Fernsehen

Post Script

Vol. 31 (2012) nr. 2

SPECIAL ISSUE: Woody Allen after 1990


Vol. 54 (2013) nr. 1

• Kris Fallon, ‘Archives analogue and digital: Errol Morris and documentary film in the digital age’ (p. 20-43)

Studies in European Cinema

Vol. 8 (2012) nr. 3

• Dagmar Brunow & John Sundholm, ‘Before YouTube and Indymedia: Cultural memory and the archive of video collectives in Germany in the 1970s and 1980s’ (p. 171-181)

Studies in French Cinema

Vol. 12 (2012 ) nr 2.

• Phillippe Gauthier, ‘L’impact de la télévision sur les études cinématographiques en France: l’exemple de la «révolution télévisuelle» et de l’Institut de Filmologie’ (p. 123-136)

The Velvet Light Trap

Nr. 71 (2013)

THEMA: The Archive

Historisch-culturele tijdschriften over media

Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte/ANTW

Vol. 105 (2013) nr. 1

• Rob van Gerwen, ‘Wachten op beeld. De tragische retorica van iconische foto’s’ (p. 40-54)

The Art Bulletin

Vol. XCV, jrg. 100 (2013) nr. 1

• Yi Gu, ‘What’s in a Name? Photography and the Reinvention of Visual Truth in China, 1840-1911’, (p. 120-138)

Boekman 94

Vol. 25 (2013) nr. 94

THEMA: i-Cultuur. Schnabels inspirerende inzichten

Cultural Politics

Vol. 8 (2012) nr. 3

SPECIAL ISSUE: Friedrich Kittler

The French Review

Vol. 86 (2013) nr. 5

• Keri Yousif, ‘Les liaisons dangereuses: Media, Literature, and l’affaire Stauss-Kahn’ (p. 898-911)

Slavic Review

Vol. 71 (2012) nr. 3

• Emma Widdis, ‘Socialist Senses: Film and the Creation of Soviet Subjectivity’ (p. 590-618)

Yale French Studies

(2012) nr. 122

• Kenneth Garner & Richard Abel, ‘Regulating a Risky Business: Film, Censorship, and Public Safety in Prewar France, 1909-1914’ (p. 160-186)

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