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Reading: De CPN en de zendtijd voor politieke partijen


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De CPN en de zendtijd voor politieke partijen


Jos van Dijk

About Jos

Jos van Dijk studeerde sociologie aan de ru Utrecht. Sinds 1979 is hij werkzaam als docent in het hoger beroepsonderwijs, eerst bij de Bibliotheek Academie P.A.Tiele in Den Haag en nu bij de Haagse Hogeschool, afdeling Informatica, opleiding Informatiedienstverlening en -Management (idm). Vanaf de oprichting in 1991 is hij secretaris van de Stichting tot Beheer van de Archieven van de CPN.

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Until 1965 CPN was the only political party that was excluded from the 'transmission time supported by the government for the cause of the political parties'. Research of the BVD's archives and those of the cabinet council offers new insights into the decisionmaking process that preceded the eventual admittance of the CPN to radio and television. About the mid-1960s the political anti-communist arguments strongly fed by the BVD gave way to a more pragmatic approach. Changes in the political culture partly influenced by the new medium television appear to have played a more important role than purely political developments. Research of the CPN's archives also shows that the party itself struggled somewhat with the new political culture and the contact with the media.

How to Cite: van Dijk, Jos. 2004. “De CPN En De Zendtijd Voor Politieke Partijen”. TMG Journal for Media History 7 (1): 77–89. DOI:
Published on 01 Jun 2004.


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