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Reading: Local cinema histories in France: an overview


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Local cinema histories in France: an overview


Jean-Jacques Meusy

About Jean-Jacques

Jean-Jacques Meusy is a film historian and former research director at C.N.R.S., the national centre of scientific research in France. His research deals mainly with film exhibition, which he considers of particular interest since it is at this level that the films encounter the audience and acquire a social existence. Beside some forty articles in French and foreign publications, he is the author or co-author of the following books: Le CinémaScope entre art et industrie (2004), Paris-Palaces ou le temps des cinémas (1894-1918) (1995), La Bellevilloise. Une page de l’histoire de la coopération et du mouvement ouvrier français (2001), Les premières années de la société L. Gaumont et Cie. Correspondance commerciale de Léon Gaumont 1895-1899 (1999), Cinquante ans d’industrie cinématographique (1906-1956) (1996), L’auteur du film: description d’un combat (1996).

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Apart from a few exceptions local cinema histories have only appeared in France in the course of the last 35 years of the twentieth century when film historiography in general seemed to be in decline. This essay deals with the nature of these local studies their very limited access their interest and their function. More generally this essay addresses this issue with regards to the relation between micro-history and macro-history.

How to Cite: Meusy, Jean-Jacques. 2006. “Local Cinema Histories in France: An Overview”. TMG Journal for Media History 9 (2): 97–109. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2006.


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