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Reading: Zwijgen en spreken in de affaire-Aantjes


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Zwijgen en spreken in de affaire-Aantjes


Boudewijn J. Smits

About Boudewijn
Boudewijn J. Smits (1960) is sinds 2005 als Assistent in Opleiding (aio) verbonden aan het Biografie Instituut van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Hij bereidt een biografie voor van de historicus dr. Loe de Jong (1914-2005). Smits studeerde sociaal-economische geschiedenis in Groningen (1987) en volgde een Master of Arts (ma) in contemporary history aan de School of Oriental and African Studies (soas) van de University of London (1987). Als opleidingsconsultant ontwikkelde en gaf hij bedrijfstrainingen in projectmatig werken en management. Sinds 1994 was hij publishing editor bij Elsevier Science in Amsterdam en vanaf 1998 educatief uitgever bij Wolters-Noordhoff in Groningen.
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The Aantjes affair was one of the most controversial scandals in postwar Dutch politics. The media hype was not only unleashed because of the shock effect of the SS but also because within just a few hours of television coverage it became clear to the Dutch public that a small circle of people had had vague knowledge of Aantjes' occupation history for decades. By taking a long-term perspective of the Aantjes affair this contribution explains how it was possible to keep this a secret from the media for such a long time. Subsequently the convergence of circumstances are reconstructed that led to Loe de Jong director of the National Institute for War Documentation as almost the only opinion leader speaking about the CDA politician's war history on the evening of Monday 6 November 1978. He found himself in this position because the television company NOS achieved a second national scoop in exchange for a full reference to the scoop by the regional paper Nieuwsblad van het Noorden as its source.

How to Cite: Smits, Boudewijn J.. 2007. “Zwijgen En Spreken in De Affaire-aantjes”. TMG Journal for Media History 10 (2): 65–89. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2007.


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