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Reading: Prestidigitations: Interfacing with palm-sized media gadgets


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Prestidigitations: Interfacing with palm-sized media gadgets


Heike Weber

About Heike

Heike Weber is assistant professor of the history of technology at the Technische Universität Berlin and holds a Ph.D. from the Technische Universität München. Her main fields of interest are history of consumption, urban environmental history, and media as well as mobility history. She is the author of Das Versprechen mobiler Freiheit. Zur Kulturund Technikgeschichte von Kofferradio, Walkman und Handy (Bielefeld: transcript 2008).

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Interacting with media technology implies operating and using interfaces. This article focuses on the user's immediate corporeal handling of portable media gadgets. It argues that the portability of radios video handhelds and cell phones and their innovative casing and interface designs have led users to develop new practices of interacting with media electronics. Touching carrying and new forms of manual prestidigitations have become important elements of the relation between users and media technology. Due to their bodily proximity and a steady interaction media gadgets are valued as intimate friends and travel companions. Furthermore the user-technology interaction has led to new gestures which have become apparent in today's thumb culture.

How to Cite: Weber, Heike. 2008. “Prestidigitations: Interfacing with Palm-sized Media Gadgets”. TMG Journal for Media History 11 (2): 45–60. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2008.


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